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Pet Dentistry

If you smell doggy breath, it's time for a dental exam.

Doctor Taking Dog's Temperature

Dental health is often neglected, yet the dangers of dental disease are very real! What many pet owners don't realize is that shining dental health is good for your pet's entire body. Plaque and tartar accumulation have a huge effect on more than just your pet's teeth and gums. When oral bacteria enters the bloodstream, it makes its way to the heart, lungs, liver and kidneys.

Dental disease is painful, making it troublesome for your pet to eat, chew and play. If you notice bad breath, inflammation of the gums, discolored teeth or signs of pain when chewing, eating or playing, please call us and we will be happy to schedule a visit.

Based on your pet's comprehensive dental exam, we may recommend a professional dental cleaning and potential extractions to give your pet a healthy, clean and pain-free smile. To maintain dental health, we will show you how to brush your pet's teeth at-home. If your pet is too resistant, we will offer recommendations for dental treats and toys.