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Dr. Heide Meier, Medical Director

Heidi Meier, DVM | Medical Director, Veterinarian, Truesdell Animal Care Hospital and Clinic

Dr. Heide Meier has known that she would become a veterinarian since she was very young - in the first grade, she wrote an autobiography for a class assignment that proclaimed she would be an animal doctor when she grew up! Dr. Meier always had a natural kinship with pets, and she feels that her work as a veterinarian is much more than a job. It's truly her calling!

Dr. Meier is from Palatine, Illinois and began her veterinary career at the age of 15, when she signed up as a kennel worker at a local animal hospital. After a year, she became a Veterinary Assistant at another clinic, where she would remain throughout her undergraduate collegiate years at the University of Illinois. Dr. Meier stayed at the university to receive her DVM degree, and started practicing veterinary medicine professionally in the summer of 1993.

After working in Oklahoma, Dr. Meier and her husband wanted to move back to the Midwest. They came to Madison, and Dr. Meier was offered an Associate Veterinarian position here at Truesdell Animal Care Hospital and Clinic in August of 2004. She particularly enjoys the fast-paced environment of her work; one minute she's administering a vaccine, and the next she's being called in for an emergency consult! Her absolute favorite part of the job is getting to know clients and their pets over the years.

Dr. Meier lives with her husband Bill, their son Christian, her mother-in-law Janet, and several pets. The Meiers have two giant schnauzers, Angus and Merida; an elderly cat named PRRS; three rescued long-haired cats named Hans, Frans, and Tag-A-Long; a betta named Shredder and his pal Gary, the plecostomus fish; and a stray African Grey parrot named Boo Boo who will only say the first three numbers of her former owner's phone number.

Outside of work, Dr. Meier enjoys spending time with her family, outdoor activities, cooking, walking and grooming her dogs, listening to Rush, watching the Badgers, Brewers, and Packers, and reading the Bible.



Dr. Brittany White, Associate Veterinarian

Brittany White, DVM | Veterinarian, Truesdell Animal Care Hospital and Clinic

As a child, Dr. Brittany White felt most whole when she was having a one-on-one experience with an animal. It didn't take long for her to realize that a career in veterinary medicine was perfect for her! Dr. Brittany followed her dream and is now an Associate Veterinarian here at Truesdell Animal Care Hospital and Clinic.

A native of the Madison area, Dr. Brittany began practicing veterinary medicine in Galena, Illinois after graduating from veterinary school. When the opportunity arose for her to move back to Madison, she was thrilled; after all, Dr. Brittany considers Madison her true home. In early 2008, she joined the Truesdell Animal Care Hospital and Clinic team, bringing special passions for clinical pathology and first-time pet owner education along with her.

Outside of her work in the veterinary field, Dr. Brittany enjoys knitting, crocheting, cross-stitching, working on puzzles, and gardening. She and her husband Bob share their lives with two cats, Lester and Max, Roy the guinea pig, and two spoiled dogs named Elvis and Anthony.



Dr. Susan Jeffrey, Associate Veterinarian

Susan Jeffrey, DVM | Veterinarian, Truesdell Animal Care Hospital and Clinic

Dr. Susan Jeffrey's father was a pathologist and the county coroner, and her mother was a nurse. She's been exposed to the medical field since she was a little girl! As Dr. Jeffrey got older, she started to realize something: becoming a veterinarian was the perfect way to combine her medical interests with her adoration of animals.

Born in Pennsylvania, Dr. Jeffrey grew up in Ohio with her parents and a wide assortment of pets. She attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison for her undergraduate studies and her veterinary degree. Dr. Jeffrey also holds a Master's of Science degree.

In 2013, Dr. Jeffrey and her family moved from Buffalo, New York to the Madison area, where Dr. Jeffrey began searching for an AAHA-accredited animal hospital. Truesdell Animal Care Hospital and Clinic was the perfect fit! Dr. Jeffrey's professional interests include feline medicine, dentistry, and preventative care.

Dr. Jeffrey and her husband have a young daughter and share their home with three cats: Elvis, Daisy, and Chubbs. When she isn't spending time with her family or tending to the needs of pets around the clinic, Dr. Jeffrey is a passionate Scottish Highland dancer. She's won many awards, is a member of the British Association of Teachers of Dancing (BATD), and even performed at Disney World's Epcot Center!



Dr. Jackie Koepke, Associate Veterinarian

Jackie Koepke, DVM | Veterinarian, Truesdell Animal Care Hospital and Clinic

Dr. Jackie Koepke joined Truesdell Animal Care Hospital and Clinic as an Associate Veterinarian in February 2017. Dr. Jackie has a gift for high-quality veterinary medicine, and has a special place in her heart for felines. Recently, Dr. Jackie also began expanding her expertise to pocket pets.

A friendly Wisconsin native, Dr. Jackie is an enthusiastic veterinary professional committed to the complete wellness of her patients. She grew up in Rosendale before attending the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh for her Bachelor's degree in Biology. Inspired to pursue a career in the veterinary field, Dr. Jackie obtained her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2014. Immediately following graduation, Dr. Jackie accepted her first full-time position as an Associate Veterinarian offering primary care and 24/7/365 emergency services in Ripon, Wisconsin.

After practicing excellent client service and high-quality patient care in Ripon, Dr. Jackie became a Small Animal General Practitioner and Urgent Care Clinician in Fitchburg, Wisconsin. Dr. Jackie enjoys the fast-paced hospital environment and the everyday interactions with her clients and their pets. Dr. Jackie's areas of professional interest include soft-tissue surgery and dentistry. Above all, she is a feline enthusiast who enjoys keeping cats happy and healthy while supporting the owners who love them.

Adopted is the best 'breed' Dr. Jackie has ever met. At home, she is the pet parent of two, long-haired cats, Foxie and Gardetto. One of her feline family members believes he is a dog, while the other has classic cattitude. They can't do any impressive tricks, but she loves them anyway!

Dr. Jackie embraces a healthy, active lifestyle philosophy. In her free time, she plays competitive volleyball and participates in a variety of workout programs. She also has been trying her hand at cooking and exploring new, delicious recipes.



Dr. Tom Truesdell, Veterinarian

Tom Truesdell, DVM | Veterinarian, Truesdell Animal Care Hospital and Clinic

Dr. Tom Truesdell grew up in the Iowa countryside, where his father raised field-trial Beagles. Young Dr. Truesdell was responsible for caring for as many as 30 dogs at one time! As he grew older and began exploring the forests and fields near his family's home, he began to realize something: nothing made him happier than being around animals. Before long, Dr. Truesdell's mind was made up - he was going to follow his dream of becoming a veterinarian!

Dr. Truesdell - or Dr. Tom, as just about everyone calls him - spent many summers in his youth shadowing his uncle, who worked as a veterinarian in Wisconsin. The work Dr. Tom did there inspired him to apply to veterinary school. He graduated from Iowa State University's College of Veterinary Medicine in 1976 and took his first veterinary job at a clinic in Galesburg, Illinois.

After a year, Dr. Tom moved on to a large Omaha, Nebraska practice, where he helped treat the first severe heartworm outbreak in the area. After a year of working in Omaha, Dr. Tom started practicing in Madison and established his very own clinic in 1979 in a 500-square-foot rental space. Before long he moved the practice to the 1,000-square foot space next door to give them more room to practice. The name of the clinic at that time was Cottage Grove Road Animal Hospital. When Dr. Tom and his staff ran out of room again in 1993, they moved into the clinic's current building and renamed it Truesdell Animal Care Hospital and Clinic. They have been happily practicing there ever since.

Dr. Tom is semi-retired and focuses mainly on management duties around the clinic. He also occasionally fills in when one of the hospital's doctors is on vacation or at a veterinary conference; he still loves a challenging medical problem and feels especially fulfilled when second- and third-generation pet owners visit the clinic.

Dr. Tom and his wife Pam have two grown sons, both of whom work as professional musicians in New York City. Ryan is a jazz composer who takes his groups on tour all over the world, and Michael is currently finishing his doctorate in percussion, performing throughout the country, and teaching part-time at Rutgers University.

In his time away from the clinic, Dr. Tom enjoys photography, fishing, reading, gardening, and spending time with his family.



Jody, Hospital Manager & Certified Veterinary Technician

Jody | Hospital Manager, Truesdell Animal Care Hospital and Clinic

When she was very little, Jody lived on a farm with her family, where she helped to feed the barn cats and chickens. Even when her family moved away from the farm, Jody was surrounded by house pets and the occasional wild critter. It wasn't hard for her to develop an intense passion for animals! When she started shadowing at a veterinary clinic as a teenager, she knew instantly that the animal care field was just the place for her.

Jody grew up in central Wisconsin with her parents, two sisters, and four brothers. She attended the University of Wisconsin in Madison, graduating with her Bachelor's degree in Biology in December of 2005. She started here at the clinic right after school, eventually working her way up to a Veterinary Assistant position before passing her national exam to become a Certified Veterinary Technician. Jody's professional interests include client education, preventative medicine, surgery, and dentistry. Jody and her husband, Brett, have a son named Lennon and twins named Madeline and Jackson. They share their lives with two cats and three playful dogs named Zoey, Dexter, and Bailey. Thanks to Brett's position as the Humane Society of Southern Wisconsin's Executive Director, the family often fosters litters of kittens at home as well. In her time away from the clinic, Jody enjoys baking, crafting, coaching her kids' sports teams, and spending time with her family and pets.



Shauna, Certified Veterinary Technician

Shauna | Certified Veterinary Technician, Truesdell Animal Care Hospital and Clinic

Having grown up around pets from a young age, Shauna has always felt a strong bond with animals. She never took for granted the unconditional love, loyalty, and happiness that pets provide; now, she gets to give something back by working as one of Truesdell Animal Care Hospital and Clinic's Veterinary Technicians!

A Madison native, Shauna attended the University of Wisconsin at Whitewater before signing up for Madison College's Veterinary Technician program. After graduating in 2008, she started her veterinary career at a local small-animal practice, where she remained for the next four years and gained invaluable hands-on experience. When the time came to look for a larger practice with more in-house diagnostics and a larger client capacity, Shauna began searching for other clinics. She found just what she was looking for in the Truesdell Animal Care Hospital and Clinic team. She's been a Technician here since the fall of 2012 and has special interests in feline nutrition and behavior. Cats are such complex creatures, and Shauna never tires of learning about them! She's also fond of assisting the doctors in surgery. Outside of work, Shauna enjoys camping, crafting, knitting and crocheting, baking, and gardening. She planted her first vegetable garden just last year, and plans on expanding it as soon as possible. Shauna and her husband, Clint, share their home with four pets: Marla, a playful mixed-breed dog, and three mischievous cats named Winston, Turkleton, and Cali.





Lindsey, Certified Veterinary Technician

Lindsey, Certified Veterinary Technician, Truesdell Animal Care Hospital and Clinic

Lindsey is a Certified Veterinary Technician with over five years of experience in the veterinary field. Working alongside the Truesdell family keeps Lindsey inspired and motivated to continue her passion for helping animals with superior care and respect. Growing up, Lindsey's first pet was a Chinchilla named Cody, but she thanks her first dog Joey for sparking her interest in animal medicine.

Rescue is Lindsey's favorite breed, and she currently has a forever friend named Marlo, who she rescued, saved and helped become a silly, loyal and confident pup. Marlo can army crawl and Lindsey swears she can even say 'mama'! In her free time, Lindsey finds pleasure in live music, traveling, camping and hiking with dog Marlo.






Stefanie, Certified Veterinary Technician

Stefanie | Veterinary Technician, Truesdell Animal Care Hospital and Clinic

Stefanie's mother works as a Veterinary Assistant and Office Manager for a mixed-animal practice, and Stefanie knew that she wanted to follow in her footsteps. In high school, she made the decision to attend technical college to study animal care. Now, Stefanie gets to live her dream as a Certified Veterinary Technician here at Truesdell Animal Care Hospital and Clinic!

Stefanie grew up in Stoughton, Wisconsin with her parents and a variety of pets. During high school, she gained experience by working as a kennel assistant in the practice her mother worked for, and eventually started assisting the technicians almost daily. After receiving her Veterinary Technician's degree in college, Stefanie passed her board exam and cared for pets at her mother's practice for another year.

In early 2015, Stefanie joined the team here at Truesdell Animal Care Hospital and Clinic to expand her knowledge, develop her skills, and work alongside other compassionate animal lovers like herself. Performing dental cleanings and viewing samples under the microscope are two of her favorite parts of the job.

Stefanie lives with her boyfriend, Chris, and their two roommates. She has two cats of her own, Teddy and Marlin, as well as a horse named Elvis and a miniature donkey named Rosie. Stefanie rides Elvis in the 4-H program, and they've even won showing championships at local fairs!



Jill, Certified Veterinary Technician

Jill | Veterinary Technician, Truesdell Animal Care Hospital and Clinic

Jill is a certified veterinary technician (CVT) that has been with Truesdell Animal Care Hospital since 2011. Jill originally started as a receptionist, but quickly learned that she wanted to be more involved with patient care. Already holding a bachelor's degree, Jill went back to school and earned her associate's degree in veterinary technology. She was hired on as a CVT at Truesdell shortly thereafter and hasn't looked back.

Outside of work, Jill remains overwhelmingly busy with her own animals. She and her husband have a hobby farm outside of Madison that is constantly expanding. Aside from her two great danes, Jill has a horse, 5 miniature cows, 2 pygmy goats, a llama, a pot-bellied pig, a barn kitty, guinea fowl, chickens, and more! Having so many animals leaves little time for other activities, but taking care of the farm is truly a labor of love.

At the hospital, Jill enjoys clinical pathology, particularly hematology and exfoliative cytology. She is also a strong advocate for physical rehabilitation and appropriate pain management. She is a member of the International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management, and is committed to keeping her patients comfortable and active for as long as possible.




Jenni, Certified Veterinary Technician

Jenni | Veterinary Technician, Truesdell Animal Care Hospital and Clinic

Jenni has known she wanted to work with animals since reading James Herriott's veterinary stories as a child. During high school, Jenni's mother showed her a newspaper clipping about the veterinary technician profession, and Jenni realized it was exactly what she'd been looking for!

Jenni is a Madison native and attended Madison Area Technical College to receive her Veterinary Technician's certification. She first started here at the clinic while still in school in 2001. Laboratory work is a special favorite of hers, but nothing pleases her more than swapping fun pet stories with clients!

Jenni and her husband Chris have two wonderful sons, Cullen and Cian, who are heavily involved in sports and also enjoy video games, bowling, music, camping, and fishing. The family shares their home with Derryl the cat and a hamster named Samster.





Jen, Certified Veterinary Assistant

Jen | Certified Veterinary Assistant, Truesdell Animal Care Hospital and Clinic

Jen is a true animal lover who was born and raised in the Chicago suburbs. Jen is a Certified Veterinary Assistant who earned her certification at Bel-Rea Institute of Animal Technology in Colorado and currently has over 15 years of experience in the veterinary field.

At home, Jen is a proud pet parent of Buddy, a black lab, and two cats, Kitty and Casper. Her first pet, Pee-Wee, was a happy and healthy feline who lived to be 22 years old!

When Jen is not caring for animals at Truesdell Animal Care, she enjoys yoga, kayaking, and kicking back and watching Star Wars.








Molly, Client Services Specialist

Molly | Client Services, Truesdell Animal Care Hospital and Clinic

Molly grew up on a farm in rural Minnesota, where a love of animals was instilled in her from an early age. For as long as she can remember, she's wanted to enhance the lives of animals and expand her own knowledge of animal medicine.

Molly has worked in various veterinary clinics and animal shelters, and also completed a 12-week internship at a zoo. Since moving to this area, she had always heard about Truesdell Animal Care Hospital and Clinic's stellar reputation; in the summer of 2014, she was able to join the team as a Client Services Specialist! She's thrilled to be able to work alongside other animal lovers all day long, and is particularly passionate about educating clients on medical and behavioral topics.

At home, Molly keeps several pets of her own. Ed is a sassy Flame Point Himalayan cat; Fern and Penny are rescued Chihuahuas; Ruthie is a playful German wirehair pointer; and bearded dragon Irwin loves blueberries and sunshine.

In her time away from the clinic, Molly loves studying and working with exotic animals, traveling, being outdoors, and spending time with family and friends.




Hope, Client Services Specialist

Hope | Client Services, Truesdell Animal Care Hospital and Clinic

Hope has known she wanted to work with animals since she was very young. She even recalls printing a fake veterinarian's degree and showing it off to anyone within earshot! Fortunately, Hope has been able to join the ranks of real-life veterinary professionals - she's a Client Services Specialist here at Truesdell Animal Care Hospital and Clinic.

Hope grew up in Melbourne, Florida with her parents, twin sister, and brother. It was there that her veterinary career began; she started as a kennel assistant at a local boarding facility before deciding to follow her dream of becoming a Veterinary Technician. She moved to Wisconsin for school, and knew that she wanted to continue her work in animal care during her studies. Hope signed on as a Client Services Specialist here at the hospital, where she enjoys learning something new every day from the talented and compassionate staff members around her. When she has time between her busy school and work schedules, Hope enjoys trying new foods, going fishing with her father, and spending time with her dog and three cats. Her oldest feline, Pounce, is incredibly sassy and insists on drinking water out of a glass, complete with ice cubes!





Megan, Client Services Specialist

Megan | Client Services, Truesdell Animal Care Hospital and Clinic

The first time she walked into Truesdell Animal Care Hospital and Clinic, Megan was struck by the friendly atmosphere and sense of positivity. She knew right away that she wanted to work here! Now, Megan serves the pets and animal owners of Madison daily as a Client Services Specialist.

When Megan started looking for a new career, she knew she would love a position that could satisfy her adoration of animals. After doing some research online, she discovered an opening here at the hospital. She jumped at the chance to start her animal-care career and hasn't looked back since. Megan's favorite part of the job is interacting closely with pets and their owners every day, and she's also very proud of the clinic's kitten-fostering program. Megan's parents live in Janesville, where she grew up, and Megan enjoys visiting with them often in her spare time. She also likes playing and watching sports, seeing movies, trying out new restaurants around town, and spending time with her large Goldendoodle, Marley, who brightens Megan's mood every single day.




Janiece, Groomer

Janiece | Client Services, Truesdell Animal Care Hospital and Clinic

Janiece has been keeping pets looking and feeling their best on the outside for 32 years. A highly experienced and gentle groomer, Janiece attended grooming school as soon as she graduated from high school. Growing up, Janiece was constantly on the move and is grateful that she was able to have a Chihuahua as a forever friend. Today, Janiece has an intelligent Blue Heeler named Paisley that she likes to call Butterbean.

Janiece is always in the mood for Mexican food, especially from Taqueria Arandas. One of Janiece's favorite past times is going fishing, and when she lived in Tennessee her husband and her spent much of their time riding horses, camping and enjoying the great outdoors. Living in Milwaukee since 2015, Janiece is proud to work with the caring staff and serve the loving pets of Truesdell Animal Care Hospital & Clinic.