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Exotic Pet Care

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Your exotic pet needs care as special as they are.

Drs. Truesdell, Meier, and White are experienced in comprehensive exotic pet care. Exotic pets make great companions just like cats and dogs! If you have a pocket pet, reptile, or bird at home, you can trust us with their health and happiness. We offer wellness visits, lab work, and grooming services.


Wellness Visits

Your pet's heart is something to treasure.

We want your exotic pet to live a long and healthy life. Regular wellness visits are the first step!

It's not always easy to detect symptoms of illness in exotic pets. Our doctors are trained to recognize underlying signs of concern that may otherwise go unnoticed. At Truesdell Animal Care, we recommend annual or semi-annual wellness visits based on your pet's age and health status. When you come in for your exotic pet's wellness visit, please bring all medical records and a fresh stool sample.

We offer client education at every visit. We want your exotic pet to be healthy and happy, so it is important to understand the unique care they need! Come ready to discuss and ask any questions you may have regarding your exotic pet's environment, diet, behavior, parasite control, dental health, and more.

We do see sick pets. Depending on the severity of your pet's condition, we may refer you to a specialist.



If your pet is sick, we will first perform a comprehensive exam. To make an accurate and precise diagnosis, we may also complete diagnostic imaging and run blood work. If symptoms are severe, sick visits and complex cases may be referred to a specialist.



Furry, feathered, and scaled friends need specific grooming services for their health and comfort. Our team is trained to gently perform beak trims, nail trims, and wing trims.