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    Doctor Taking Dog's Temperature

    Knots, matted hair and external parasites simply do not feel good.

    At Truesdell Animal Hospital Care & Clinic, we value how your dog feels inside and outside. Combined, our highly trained and gentle groomers share over 20 years of experience! Aside from giving your dog a smooth and clean coat, grooming is preventive and keeps your dog healthy in many ways by:

    • Finding lumps and bumps before becoming serious
    • Trimming the nails to prevent breaking or splitting, which can be very painful
    • Detecting infections on the skin, ears, paws and eyes
    • Preventing the painfulness of matted and knotted hair
    • Finding fleas, ticks and ear mites

    Did you ever think that grooming your dog actually benefits you as well? Sure, your dog will feel great once we eliminate matted hair and knots, but it will also reduce the wear and tear of having dogs in your home. With trimmed nails and a combed coat, you won't find scratches and dog hair!

    If you are interested in our grooming services, first make sure your dog is current on vaccinations. If you aren't quite sure, just give us a call! Dogs are required to be up-to-date on rabies, Bordetella and distemper.