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At Truesdell Animal Care Hospital & Clinic, we are highly experienced in an array of general surgical procedures. While we understand that the thought of your pet undergoing surgery is stressful, we assure you that our team of doctors exhibits compassion and meticulous attention to your pet's pain, anesthesia and cardiovascular functioning from pre-surgical procedure to recovery. For our patients' optimal safety, all pets in need of surgery must have a pre-surgical wellness exam and pre-surgical blood work.

Soft-Tissue Surgery generally includes all procedures treating conditions such as trauma and lacerations, mass removal, spay/neuter procedure and more.

Spay/Neuter Procedure promotes a healthier pet and better companion. This minor procedure increases your pet's longevity by reducing the risk of certain conditions and unwanted pregnancy. Also preventing sexual behaviors, your pet will be more loving to you and your family.

Oral Surgery treats the pain caused by dental disease. Extremely uncomfortable, oral bacteria harms not only your pet's teeth and gums, but also has the potential to infect their heart, lungs, liver and kidneys.

Mass Removal is strongly advised if a hernia, cyst or tumor is identified. Not every mass is cancerous, however, to prevent spread, growth and malignancy, removing the area sooner protects your pet's health and safety.

Foreign Body Removal is a must if your pet has consumed a foreign body. While some objects pass through the GI tract smoothly and safely, others can lead to life-threatening conditions. If you think your pet has ingested a foreign object, don't hesitate to give us a call.


Oral Surgery

If we observe signs of dental disease during a comprehensive dental exam, we may recommend oral surgery to prevent pain and illness. Depending on the severity of your pet's dental disease, dental cleanings and alternative forms of therapy may simply be unsuccessful. We understand that the idea of your pet undergoing surgery is disheartening, but we assure you that our skilled and compassionate team will provide great relief if your pet needs oral surgery.

We are able to perform common oral procedures such as extractions, broken teeth, root canals and removal of foreign objects lodged beneath the gums. We are also able to perform more advanced oral procedures such as jaw fractures and oral tumors and cysts.


Ophthalmic Surgery

Ophthalmic surgery treats conditions of the eye. If you notice dryness or wetness, redness, ulcers, irritation, inflammation or any other concerning symptoms, do not wait to contact us until the condition becomes more severe! Your pet's eyes are so important to their overall quality of life, and they deserve the gift of sight.

Eyelid Procedures treat conditions such as 'cherry eye,' droopy eyelids, and rolling eyelids to prevent pain, ulcers and blindness.

Enucleations is the surgical removal of the eye. While this is typically a last treatment option, it may be necessary in cases of severe trauma, infection, glaucoma, cancer and various diseases.

Conjunctival Grafts treats severe corneal ulcers. We utilize the most advanced techniques and technology to gently relocate tissue in the eye so the ulcer is covered by a protective flap and able to heal.