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Senior Pet Care

Just like people, as our senior pets age, they require a little more care and attention. While some aches and pains can be signs of aging, others could be symptoms of a larger diagnosis. We want you to know we're here for you and your senior pet every step of the way so that they can enjoy their later years comfortably.

Caring For Your Senior Pet

As your pet enters the golden years, we recommend seeing them for a wellness visit at least twice per year. Since pets age at a rate much faster than we do, there is a lot that can happen in just six months, and we’d like to monitor any preventable and age-related diseases.

It’s our goal at Truesdell Animal Care Hospital to help you keep your senior pet happy, healthy, and comfortable as they age. In order to optimize their health, we suggest coming in for semi-annual wellness exams as well as certain diagnostic screening services.

 Some of these services include:

  • Bloodwork: Helps our team to identify general infections, anemia, and age-related conditions including kidney disease, liver disease, and diabetes.
  • Digital Radiography: Helps us identify arthritis and cancer by providing us with images of your pet’s internal systems.
  • Glaucoma Screening: A painless and fast measure of the pressure in your pet’s eye, glaucoma screenings are helpful in identifying glaucoma which can cause irreversible blindness.
  • Urinalysis: An easy way to determine your senior pet’s overall health condition and can identify urinary tract infections, diabetes, and liver disease.

Some age-related conditions can unfortunately go undetected in your own home. To help prevent disease progression at this stage, our team needs your help in remaining vigilant with your senior pet’s health. Our goal is to detect any concerns early on and providing the appropriate treatment as soon as possible.

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